Liuteria Cocopelli begins professional activity in 2008 and is currently the reference italian lutherie workshop in the area of Gavirate, Varese – ITALY

Liuteria Cocopelli’s workshop offers plucked string instruments as classical guitars, folk guitars, steel stringed guitars and electric guitars to all professionals, amateur musicians and music lovers all around the world.

Liuteria Cocopelli includes also a local service for the set up and repair of custom and brands guitars, basses, ukulele and other plucked string instruments.

maestro-liutaio-cocopelliThe master luthier Simone Assunto, owner of Liuteria Cocopelli, is ready to meet musicians and music lovers to present all guitars and basses ready in stock of music shop in Varese, both recommended to be tested in construction of musical instruments according to the needs and budgets desired.

The music shop in Varese by Liuteria Cocopelli offers plucked string instruments suitable for every kind of musician experience level and at different prices offering the possibility to add custom details to musical instruments on request.

Liuteria Cocopelli invites you to navigate on Website WWW.LIUTERIACOCOPELLI.COM leading yourself free to a better choice of instruments area according to your preferences choosing among a wide selection of classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electrical guitars and electrical basses, ukulele and other plucked string instruments.

Liuteria Cocopelli offers professional courses on lutherie practice at base or advanced level and the best service on plucked string instruments set up, repair and customization.

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